Josyln Omaha NE exterior view

Nebraska, like Iowa and Minnesota, was just one of those states on the way up to South Dakota. I stayed overnight in Omaha, reputedly home of more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the country and the home of Warren Buffet. Some of this wealth has filtered down in the shape of the quite wonderful Josyln Museum of Art, and I recommend you click on the picture above to cycle through some of the works featured in the gallery. It certainly made Omaha worth stopping off at, and I quite liked the chilled Old Market area and its fabulous steakhouses.

Omaha is also on the Missouri and you can take a footbridge across to Iowa from the riverside area. There is also a place with a visitor centre where Lewis and Clark landed. This was my first exposure to the exploits of Lewis and Clark - more of them in my writings about South Dakota, my next stop.