The American Heartlands

Roadside Motel I15 Idaho

My second road trip covers most of middle America, the American Heartlands. States that people always seem to come from, but if they leave, never return. Apart from Dorothy, of course.

States Covered in Trip from Houston to Montana My goal is to head North from Houston to pick up the Mother Road, Route 66, in Oklahoma and drive it backwards, i.e. East as far as Missouri. Then I will head North to South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore and the site of the Battle of Little Big Horn in Montana. I will head South through Wyoming and Yellowstone, down through Utah and pick up Route 66 in New Mexico and on through most of the Texas section. Along the way I will briefly pass through about half a dozen other states. A dog leg takes me through some of central Texas as far south as San Antonio, where the Alamo is located, before I get back to Houston.

That's some road time! And I'm leaving it a little late, not too late to catch some Autumn colour, but it is likely to get pretty chilly as I head North.

Disused Gas Station Utah desert

First up: Oklahoma.